FAWM 2022

So it’s FAWM month - aka the album writing challenge that happens in February  -  and I’ve decided to jump in this year !! Four songs down so far, it’s going ok for now ! I posted my fourth track, Three Layered Cloud, last night and it was very 'Radiohead’ inspired in terms of the odd-meter tempo, chord choices and general feel. Finger-picking in 5/4 and singing at the same though needs a bit more practice !!

I’m also playing around with using Ableton Live for the first time which is  quite a cool process of discovery too. Finding it has a really good fluidity for getting ideas down, which is great for this kind of thing !

What I love about this kind of challenge is that you never know what you're going to come up with and you're so busy thinking about the next track that you don't get stuck on trying to perfect everything ;-) Keeping on writing !!! 




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