Jess Hatton Brown 

“Folk in Weightlessness” 

Her name comes straight from the English ‘Finistere’, Devon. Androgynous poet, originally from the magnetic land of Dartmoor, she traversed the Miles of Green* to achieve an impeccably minimalist folk, a focus of spirituality intended to levitate us with the first chord. Her airy voice adorns and harmonizes to settle gently in our soul. After graduating from the University of Bath with a master in songwriting, Jess has spent her life composing songs from her native heathland to Los Angeles and San Francisco.   

After picking Nantes as her new home, Jess quickly dived into the dynamism of the contemporary music scene where she met the young electro musician Maxime Robin (Danube Group and personal project Max Adams) who would become the arranger on her EP "A WEIGHTLESS SOUND ". This ageless duo chose and produced 5 nugget tracks from Jess's river of production. The electro luminous layers drape over the dry guitar and project the compositions in a soft weightlessness. 

*new EP track