Folk Station Festival 2021

photo credit: Joëlle Touitou

I was really happy to open on the first night of the first edition of the FOLK STATION FESTIVAL at the TNT Theatre here in Nantes, France, this past December 2021. Presenting my solo project that I’ve been refining for some months now, a live interpretation of my recent EP, A Weightless Sound, I felt as ready as I could be to do my thing. The festival, organised by our association, La Folk Station - born in 2018 - brings together some real talent and a real mixed bag that represents artists who define themselves within various mutations of this non-genre genre, including Indie folk, acoustic folk, intimate folk, folk rock and electro folk !!.  

So what is Folk music??? I’ve been playing music for most of my life now, without getting into dates, and broadly define what I do as Folk but this is really just to call it something. For me, folk music isn’t all about getting up with an acoustic guitar and singing something sad, or very sad, with a scrunched up expression on my face, although this does happen quite a lot ! For me it’s about freedom of expression and freedom of genre. I don’t have to worry about rules, although that doesn't mean I don’t think about them and this doesn’t mean I’m not disciplined. As a singer-songwriter, for me it’s about the songs, the writing process, the interpretation, and letting the inspiration come from wherever it will. As for my live performance, today it involves an electric guitar and reverb pedals. But I’ve also played in punk-pop projects, acoustic ‘very folky’ projects and am currently working on a live performance with Ableton Live and a keyboard. But the songs always come first,, I think…or do they????

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